Catered Chalets in America

Welcome to the world of amazing ski holidays. Dare2Ski is out to arrange some of the best customized holiday package for you to some of the most amazing skiing destinations in the whole world…

Most of the travellers already know about Europe and its skiing tradition but North America is the place to be these days.

The facilities are slowly catching up with Europe. There are also several catered chalets in America and the facilities available in them are comparable to the best there is in the whole wide world. The chalets provide an ideal home-like atmosphere and can accommodate as many as 10 people in one. So all you people having big families or lots of friends must opt for the catered chalet types accommodation. Other than that, the word catered tells you that you’ll be pampered by the staff and will be treated like kings. Book one for yourself and enjoy your stay and forget the worries of your “work-a-day world”!

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